Regroup: The Benefits of Collaboration

28th January 2021

Collaboration is one of the most important facets of the WHP JETS scheme. It allows businesses to find people who are a great fit for their teams, allows candidates to land great roles and has countless benefits for everyone involved. However, we understand that collaboration is incredibly important to all aspects of business, particularly in a world where businesses must become increasingly agile and cross-functional.

This year continues to see connectivity increase and teamwork remains key to adapting to new dispersed working cultures and to organisational success. The unprecedented events of the past year, have seen a surge in Covid-induced unemployment. And that’s where the ‘Work and Health Programme: Job Entry Targeted Support’ (WHP JETS) scheme comes to the fore as here at Reed in Partnership, we collaborate with businesses across the North East, helping skilled and active jobseekers to get ‘work-ready’ and secure new roles.

This scheme has huge benefits for businesses and employers as well as individuals, as we collaborate to solve some of the problems currently facing industries across the UK.

Below we outline the benefits of effective collaboration, and how businesses can grow, develop and learn through effective collaboration with the WHP JETS scheme.


Solving problems together

Problem solving is at the core of any strategy, in all areas of business. Often, it’s through collaboration that we reach an answer. Whether you’re working towards an end goal and aren’t sure where to start, or you’ve stumbled across roadblocks along the way, another person’s perspective can be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. We provide that perspective.
Fresh points of view allow us to pool knowledge and expertise from different areas of business to debate, discuss and identify new solutions or options that you might not have previously considered. We find that collaborating with businesses not only helps the problem to be resolved faster, it introduces different approaches to both sides to learn from and encourage growth.

Learning from others

We’ve established that a fresh perspective can help us to see things in new ways. When you collaborate, you literally draw upon the skills and knowledge of others, so it makes sense that everybody learns something new in the process.

At Reed in Partnership, we understand that different types of people learn, think and work in different ways. Experiences and perspectives can vary from role to role as well as sector, seniority level and industry; even gender, background and culture can contribute to this. All of these differences provide valuable and essential insights for effective collaboration that help us learn, develop and deepen our knowledge.

We aim to collaborate in a way that suits businesses – and the type of people they want to hire – in the best way possible. Hearing how others would approach an issue helps to promote an understanding of different methods and tactics, pushing us to try new things. Learning from others can arm us with greater knowledge, better understanding, new ideas and approaches that we might never have thought of alone.

Learning from experience

There are many sayings around the concept that we learn best from our mistakes – and in some cases, the mistakes of others. Many of us base decisions on what we know has gone before as it allows us to determine a similar or different outcome.

Collaboration makes the navigation of unchartered waters much easier, as it increases the likelihood of working with someone who has already experienced – and managed – something similar. If someone has lived experience that you don’t have, you can work to solve a problem together.

At Reed in Partnership, we have worked with businesses and candidates across all sectors, which blends seamlessly with businesses who have track knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for their recruitment. By working together, we continue to refine processes, find more agile ways to recruit, and by utilising past experiences, we can perfect a process that works for you.

Networking and bringing people together

One of the key ways the WHP JETS scheme works is by connecting people. Through collaboration with businesses and candidates, we help facilitate relationships and networking so everyone involved can meet their needs. Collaboration is essential for networking as it ensures all parties are connecting with people they might not otherwise have met or worked with. For example, a business can explain their specific recruitment needs and Reed in Partnership’s recruitment managers will work closely with the business to understand organisational and recruitment requirements. They will then ensure that they are introducing the right type of candidates to the business.

“We were looking to create a brand-new role here at Bidbi, based in Sheffield, ideal for flexible part-time hours. We were initially looking for one or two people, eventually growing to a team of approximately six during the course of 2021. Within a few hours of linking via LinkedIn, Natalie Rollinson (Reed in Partnership) had helped provide over 15 applicants through the WHP JETS scheme, 10 of which we shortlisted as possible candidates and three for immediate interview. Within a few days we put two of these three people forward for a paid trial with us in the New Year in the hope that, if successful, they will be offered regular work with us. Natalie demonstrated excellent customer service and essentially delivered on our brief. The process was made straight forward by Natalie and we look forward to continuing our partnership with her in the New Year.”

– Bag It Don’t Bin It Ltd.

Saving time and costs

Undoubtedly one of the most underrated benefits of collaboration is the positive impact it can have on your budget and timescales. With more brain power in the mix, it can reduce time by half than if working alone, as it can allow you to reach a solution much faster across multiple teams. In result, collaboration can also allow for much better use of your budget.

We work with businesses’ internal recruitment teams to share the workload of finding suitable talent, so they can concentrate on the parts they do best.

“With the combination of a new warehouse, increased capacity, effective marketing, Christmas high season and a new lockdown, we found we were in urgent need of seasonal staff to support the mass of customer orders. Esme and her team (Reed in Partnership) were able to give us a constant source of local people who, for the most part, were ready to work at short notice.
This supplemented our own recruitment…with the benefit of being very time efficient and more cost efficient. As our company grows the aim will be to take some of these staff into the New Year and provide them with permanent work. We’re not sure how we would have got through without the support of the WHP JETS scheme and the Reed in Partnership team. ”

– OML Trading Ltd.

If you are a business interested in collaborating with Reed in Partnership and the WHP JETS scheme, get in touch with our team. We ensure that all of our candidates are work-ready, but we’re excited to help you get work ready too.