Your WHP JETS scheme questions answered

27th January 2021

We caught up with Nicola Whelan, head of delivery support at Reed in Partnership, about the brand-new ‘Work and Health Programme: Job Entry Targeted Support’ (WHP JETS) scheme and how it is supporting local people into local jobs via a new recruitment and training service, which is fully funded by the Government.


How does the WHP JETS scheme work?

Here at Reed in Partnership, we are bringing the recently announced extension of the Work and Health Programme for the DWP – ‘Work and Health Programme: Job Entry Targeted Support’ (WHP JETS) – to businesses across the region.

The WHP JETS scheme is designed to support those who have found themselves out of work due to Covid-19, mobilising a group of approximately 50,000 skilled people who have become recently unemployed.

We have created a stepped process to ensure that businesses and individuals alike are supported to achieve their potential.

  1. The business tells us about their specific recruitment needs. Our recruitment managers work closely with the business to understand organisational and recruitment needs to underpin business planning and resourcing.
  2. We develop a large talent pool. We will identify suitable candidates from our pool and ensure they have the right skills and qualities for each role. When it comes to screening, interviewing and induction, we can do as much or as little of this process as an organisation needs. And we can also support with interview arrangements, such as venues, administration and Covid-19 compliance.
  3. Recruitment and review. We will keep in touch to see how new employees are progressing and what more we can do to help. It may be that we can support with further skills training, or arrange a plan to help with the next recruitment cycle. We carefully monitor each individual to ensure progress is tracked and support is given where needed.


Which industry sectors are you supporting and where are candidates based?


We are delivering the WHP JETS scheme across North East England, which includes the North East region plus all of Yorkshire and areas of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

We have thousands of skilled candidates available now for roles across an array of industries, including:

  • Logistics, transport and distribution
  • Professional, business and financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Creative and digital
  • Health and Social Care
  • Construction and more

I must stress that these individuals are highly skilled and we have bolstered their existing competencies with the latest relevant industry-backed training to ensure that they are ready to hit the ground running and make a positive difference to any business.


What advantages does WHP JETS bring to businesses and candidates?

We have carefully curated each element of the scheme to support and assist businesses through what we know is a difficult time.

As part of the Reed Group, we have a wealth of experience of working with employers of all sizes, across multiple sectors. Moreover, this government-backed scheme represents a huge cost saving for companies who could otherwise spend on average £4,500 on a recruitment agency – they can access the same service and support from us through WHP JETS, but for free.

We recognise that a business’ core assets are its people and that’s where this scheme really stands out. We are passionate about developing people, providing advice and guidance to align individual’s skills to relevant opportunities, and also developing a personal plan of action to organise all the required support as well as providing access to financial support for a range of job searching activities such as transport and workwear.

The candidates we are nurturing are employment-ready in the real sense of the term, equipped beyond your typical employability training and boasting years of experience and well-honed skills, specific to the industries they are re-entering. All of our candidates benefit from access to training courses for work-related skills in the relevant sector, plus additional support to boost their confidence, transferring their skills to a new role with a keen eye on their health and wellbeing. This is all to ensure they can hit the ground running from day one in the business.

Not only is the WHP JETS scheme fully funded by the Government, employers can be proud of the fact that they are simultaneously growing their business and supporting their local communities by recognising and retaining talented individuals who are equipped and ready for a new opportunity.

As well as undertaking screening and interviewing on behalf of the employer to save them further time and money – we work with each business to develop a training and induction process to save organisations time and resource, and develop course content in close consultation with business leaders ensure relevance.

Our tailored training programmes, expert sector-specific guidance and support (provided at no cost to the recruiting organisation) ensure candidates and employers are carefully united to underpin business needs and growth objectives for employers and individuals alike.


For more information on how to get involved with WHP JETS and to access its business support services click here, email or call 0800 025 3058.

WHP JETS is commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions and part-funded by the European Social Fund.